André Guimond is a freelance editor and visual effects artist crafting cinematic magic in Cedar Springs, Michigan.

André manages media, crafts content, and creates custom ocular confections of all sizes and flavors,
with an eye for detail and personalization.

A GVSU graduate with a BA in Communications and a Minor in Philosophy,
André's experience crosses multiple platforms and programs, including
Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop.

"Andre is a very talented post-production professional.
He has been crucial in helping us create high end projects from commercials to feature films.
His knowledge of After Effects as well as the whole Adobe suite and Final Cut Pro is extremely beneficial."
-Chris Randall, Fulvew Productions

André is currently helping clients adapt their content to the new socially distanced reality.

Promo for New Belgium / Detroit Bikes Partnership

Editing, Effects, Color

Music Video for the band FlashClash

Editing, Effects

Comercial for Credit Unions

Editing, Graphics, Color

Promotional Parody video for Grand Valley State University

Editing, Graphics

Promo for TechSlinger

Editing, Effects

Stage Video for the band FlashClash

Editing, Effects

Stage Video for the band FlashClash

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